【Official】Shirako White Place

After playing in the sea and tennis, recover from fatigue at Shirako Onsen, which contains iodine!  For dinner, homemade Koshihikari rice and seafood and homemade dishes, and after breakfast, you will be satisfied with your body and soul with freshly ground coffee and dessert made with hand drip.

For Shirako Onsen is located approximately in the center of Chiba Prefecture Kujukuri beaches of "chloride strong Shiohiya spa" including iodine, because of the high moisturizing effect, it is said to have a high skin-beautifying effect.There are about 340 tennis courts throughout Shirako-cho, and national competitions are also held.
 It is used because it is easily accessible as a base for sightseeing in Minamiboso.The coast is also popular with surfers.
Shirako White Palace uses Koshihikari rice harvested in the paddy fields owned by the hotel, and is served with fresh seafood and handmade dishes.After breakfast, hand-dried coffee with freshly ground beans and handmade desserts are popular. It is an inn.It also owns 10 omni courts and is ideal for tennis camps.

Tennis plan

  • Relieve stress with tennis You can play as much tennis as you like

    Period:January 5th to February 20th, 2024
    ☆Tennis plan
    Number of persons :From 5 people
    Fare:¥12,800 per person(Tax included)

    (1 night dinner & breakfast included, 2 days coat fee,consumption tax,Hot spring tax)
    *You can take a hot spring after playing tennis on the check-out day.
    Please make a reservation at ☎.
    Reception time:From 10:00 to 19:00

Corona measures

  • Installation of acrylic board

    We comply with the guidelines for new Corona accommodation facilities.As an example of this, we have installed a partition with an acrylic plate on the front desk to prevent splash infection.Also, daily temperature measurement of employees,Wearing a mask,Rooms,Bathroom,Changing room,Disinfecting common areas.Installation of alcohol disinfection.We will do our best to wait for you.

【Tennis & hot spring inn】5 minutes walk to Nakazato Beach

  • Boasting homemade Koshihikari rice & seafood and homemade dishes

    For a long time, I was unable to update the unsightly HP and left it as it is,
    The construction was completed successfully as planned and became beautiful.
    From now on, I would like to revise it little by little.
    In addition, I would be grateful if you could check Facebook and Instagram for details on the latest situation.

Inside the facility

  • dining room

    The dining room facing the garden is filled with bright sunlight.
    You can dine while watching the seasonal flowers and trees.
  • lobby

    You can experience the comfort of a solid wood custom sofa.
    After the hot spring, you can relax and relax here.
  • Front desk

    An acrylic plate is installed to prevent the spread of corona.
    Please wear a mask, disinfect with alcohol, and measure the temperature.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Shirako White Place


4481 Nakazato, Shirako Town, Chosei County, Chiba Prefecture

Telephone number



About 15 minutes by car from Mobara Station on the JR Sotobo Line
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Groups,Group training camp

  • Groups,Training camp for groups (9 or more)

    For groups and group training camps, please contact us by phone or email.
    ☎:0475-33-3005 From AM 10:00 to PM 9:00

    ☆Representative's name ☆Schedule ☆Number of persons  ☆Please be sure to fill in the contact information.
    Thank you.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


From 10:00 to 21:00 Please enter your name and phone number when making inquiries by email