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  • Breakfast

    After breakfast, dessert and coffee are available.

Seasoning of one ingredient passion

  • Niboshi soup stock

    Cooking for everyone at this facility
    A passionate seasoning.
    The photo is a preparation of dried sardines (produced in Kujukuri).
    The head is removed and the belly is removed to prevent the taste from being harsh.

    In addition, sugar is a washing disaccharide taken from sugar cane.
    The salt is Guérande's salt.The vinegar is staggered vinegar.
    The soy sauce is Marunaka Shoyu's cedar barrel aged for 3 years.
    Miso is white miso from Kyoto and red miso from Niigata.
    (3 years old), ordered soybean miso from Aichi
    Change the mixing condition depending on the season,
    We are making more delicious miso soup.
    The kelp used for soup stock is natural kelp from Minami-Kayabe-cho, Hokkaido.
    Katsuobushi is from Makurazaki, Kyushu.
    The butter uses Calpis butter.