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Hot spring/bath

Bijin-no-yu Shirako Onsen

Iodine-containing sodium chloride strong salt cold spring

Shirako Onsen

  • Large Communal Bath

    Usually used as a male bathroom.
    Since it is the largest bathroom, it can also be used as a female bathroom when there are many female customers.
    The bathroom, which was completely renovated in 2016, has Hansgrohe's overhead shower, so you can take a quick shower only.In addition, the wall of the dressing room is finished with plaster, and one side is eco-carat, which has a humidity control effect and makes the air feel fresh.I think you can bathe comfortably regardless of gender.

    Iodine hot spring『Hot water of beautiful skin]

    Hot spring bath hours
    PM5:00 to PM10:00 AM7:00 to AM10:00
    Hot spring bathing category
    Hot spring bathing category(Men's bath)*It may be changed to a female bathroom.
    Hot spring qualities
    Iodine-containing sodium chloride strong salt cold spring
    Shirako Onsen is a natural hot spring that uses 100% brackish water and is warmed with natural gas collected together with iodine.It has a high salt concentration, so it is a water addition/circulation filtration.

    Iodine is also used as a remedy for atopic dermatitis and has excellent bactericidal and beautiful skin effects.The hot water is very soft.
    ⭕ Recovery of chronic pain or stiffness in muscles and joints.
    (Rheumatoid arthritis,Osteoarthritis,Low back pain,Neuralgia,Fifty shoulders,Bruise)
    ⭕ Coldness,Peripheral circulation disorder.
    ⭕ Reduced gastrointestinal function.
    ⭕ Autonomic instability, various symptoms due to stress
    (Sleep disorders, depression, etc.)
    ⭕ Fatigue recovery,Health Promotion
    *It is said to have various effects.
    Precautions for bathing
    ●Active period of illness(Especially when you have a fever)
    ●Active tuberculosis, advanced malignancy or severe anemia
    (When physical weakness is remarkable)
    ●Severe heart or lung illness that causes short breathing
    ●Swelling and heavy kidney disease
    ●When there is gastrointestinal bleeding or visible bleeding
    ●Acute hatred of chronic illness
    Usage fee
    A hot spring tax of ¥150 (adults only) is required.
  • Medium bath

    The women's bathroom, which was renewed in 2015, is bright and clean.
    Mosaic tiles are used around the washbasin to create a stylish look.
    Shampoo, treatment, body soap, face wash, makeup remover are also available.The dressing room is also equipped with lotion and emulsion.
  • Small bath(For charter)

    Normally, it is used as the second female bathroom, but it can also be used as a private bath upon customer's request.It is used by families with small children.
  • Effective version

Shirako White Palace Bathroom

Hot Springs

Shirako Onsen

Number of baths

[Open-air bath]Man:0 woman:0 mixed bath:0
[Indoor bath]Man:1 woman:2 mixed bath:0
[sauna]Man:0 woman:0 mixed bath:0

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax Adult 150 yen will be charged separately.

Hot Spring Qualities

Sodium-chloride/Strong salt fountain(Old spring quality name:Including bromine element-strong salt spring)